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Whistlin' Dixie. By Maggie Adams
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Whistlin' Dixie.  A romance by Maggie Adams
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“You are the most infuriating bit of baggage I have ever encountered. If I didn’t care for you so much, I’d leave right now and never look back.”

“You call that caring?! I call it a line of crap! The only thing you cared about begins with an “F” and ends with me losing my virginity!”

Oh, God! Had she really just shouted that?

Mac Coalson,contractor, and Dixie Harris, kindergarten teacher, don't exactly see eye to eye. He thinks her brother is vandalizing new homes; she thinks Mac's a pompous ass that treats their town like his personal kingdom.

When the two unite to catch a potential murderer, it's in everyone's best interest to keep it "business only". But that's hard to do when their combined attraction is volatile enough to burn down the town.

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