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Love's Abandon: Complete Series
By C. D. Samuda

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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Love's Abandon - Complete Series. By C. D. Samuda
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A love that knows no bounds. Love's Abandon is a three book box set, a love story of an interracial couple facing not only discrimination from the man's father, but a greater threat of evil.

Chase and Maggie are in love and like any ordinary couple, settles down to a nice quite life, until Chase goes missing while on a business trip.

When he suddenly returns in the middle of the night, seemingly unharmed, Maggie breathes a sigh of relief. However, things are about to take a heartbreaking turn when Chase breaks their relationship the very next morning, returning to the life he left behind.

Maggie is devastated and confused. Out of her mind she goes into depression, until a phone call gives her the courage she needs to fight.

Something isn't right and Maggie is not about to let Chase marry a woman he swore he detested just for the sake of a merger. Things start to take a dangerous turn the closer she gets to the truth.

Will Maggie give up or will she risk her life to save a man who supposedly broke her heart? Find out the truth of Chase's betrayal in this romantic suspense.

Warning: Mild language and subdued romantic scenes. All three books included.

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