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The Lies That Save Us.
By JL Redington

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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The Lies That Save Us. By JL Redington
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Kindle Edition :

Alexa is beautiful, smart, and alone in the world, a result of devastating losses in her life. She purchased a diner in the quiet, out of the way town of Startup, Washington, and hired employees to help run it.  She's just beginning to feel secure in her loneliness.

Her world is jolted awake by Cayman, a handsome young stranger that enters her diner seemingly from nowhere.  Event's happen quickly and soon Alexa is deep into secret lives and dangerous deceptions.  How will she work her way through the maze of heartache and pain?  The pull she feels in her soul for Cayman brings with it mistrust and fear, feelings that make her defensive and suspicious.  Somehow, Alexa must follow her heart and her brain at the same time.  She must somehow learn to trust again, and that is the hardest lesson of all.

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