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Apparently men who kiss their partners goodbye in the morning as they leave for work average higher salaries than those who don't. Men who enjoy ritual affection like this tend to be more stable, industrious and methodical in their work, which leads them to achieve higher earnings. Studies show that these guys also live 5 years longer than non kissers. Enjoy your free romance ebooks!

Free Romance Ebooks, Books for Women

Earliest published books appear first. Newest books last. Latest books on last page.
Free Romance Ebooks - Lumber and Lace by Lietha Wards
Love Like This - Sylvia Hubbard - free romance book
A Dark Kiss of Rapture by Sylvia Day
Is This Love? by Lowry Pei - free romance ebook
Coexist: Keegan's Chronicles by Julia Crane
Crush by Chrissie Peebles
Blindsight by Kait Nolan
Love Again, Love for Them by R.A. Lee - free romance ebook
Highwayman Lover by Sara Reinke
Free Romance Ebooks: Heart's Ransom by Sara Reinke
The King's Lady by Lietha Wards
The Cold Wife by Ruth Ann Nordin - free romance book
Dirty Genes by Esther Miskoff
Dual Identity by Esther Miskoff
Falling in love with Her Husband by Ruth Ann Nordin -free romance book
Build My World by Rebecca Abbott Miller
Save Me by Rebecca Abbott Miller
The Demon Of Synar by Donna McDonald - free romance ebook
Dangerous Designs by Dale Mayer
Against the Odds by Senna Fisher
Kiera's Moon by Lizzy Ford
Katie's Hellion by Lizzy Ford - free romance ebook
Free Romance Ebooks - Katie's Hope by Lizzy Ford
Spring's Reign by Jaye Patrick
Alexandra by Declan Stanley
Geneva's Hope by Payton Lee
Geneva's Branch by Payton Lee
Geneva's Return by Payton Lee
Geneva's Return by Payton Lee
Welcome to the free romance ebooks and romantic stories category, which also includes romatic books written specifically for women. Our best romance novels are available free of charge in pdf, epub and kindle formats for your reading pleasure: from chicklit to bodice-rippers and racy mysteries through to romantic fantasy, steamy stories and historical romances. These free romance novels and Romantic Stories are all about love and attraction. At obooko, we have all sorts of free romance books without charge for your reading pleasure by authors who are masters of their craft. Why pay when you can download great romantic stories for nothing?

Romance is both psychological and physical: the whole process is essential in order to attract and build a unique relationship with a member of the opposite or same sex. As with many of the stories in the free romance ebooks here on obooko, it’s obvious that without romance we would not be here; after all love and romance are what makes the world go round! These are the keys to our existence and ensure the longevity of our race via procreation. Beginning in adolescence, the feelings and emotions of romantic start to manifest via attraction.

One of the most misunderstood aspects of love and romance is their connection with the institution of marriage; that these feelings and emotions should be irrevocably linked to a permanent and long-lasting relationship. But they should not be linked in this way: marriage and romance are entirely separate in many ways. Romance and love express emotional feelings, while marriage is purely an established contractual existence. As you will see from the stories in our free ebooks, marriage is in no way a guarantee of everlasting romance.

Is love blind? While it is commendable to accept and love your partner exactly as they are, to believe that love truly is blind may be put down to myth rather than fact. As with many of the characters in the free romance ebooks you read here on obooko, your partner may have a few objectionable tendencies, which may lead to the cooling and eventual termination of a romance.

Learn to write love letters like a King! Read the famous love letters that gave rise to the tumultuous love affair that changed England forever. These letters from King Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn were found in the Vatican Library; who stole them and how they came to Rome is a mystery that has puzzled historians for years. We have located the original transcriptions and published the letters in a book, Pretty Dukkys: The Love letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn, which we hope you will enjoy.