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CYBORG. By Jack Hill
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CYBORG - Jack Hill
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Dr. John Smith and Gordy Lightfoot are engaged to track down an escaped Cyborg in the desert south of Carlin, NV.  After the Cyborg’s close encounters with Abe Carson, a rancher, and Lucia Torres, a prostitute, John and Gordy discover the Cyborg’s hiding place.  The Research Site’s capture-team catches and returns the Cyborg to the Site where it had been created.  Dr. Baxter, the Site’s lead scientist, vows to destroy the Cyborg.  John and Gordy, now sympathetic to the Cyborg’s plight, try to rescue it with the aid of Herb, the local Police Chief, as military troops descend upon the Site.


Lucia Torres floored the accelerator, and the Jeep flew down the lonely desert road south of Carlin, Nevada, across an un-named, dry creek-bed.  A jackrabbit and coyote darted in front of her.  Lucia swerved, slammed the brakes, skidded, and plunged off the road into a web of small trees.  Shaken and dazed, Lucia sat in the Jeep staring at the trees that ensnared the Jeep.  The Jeep was stuck, unable to move.

Lucia glanced in the rearview mirror and saw a huge bald-head peering over the edge of the road; the sun was gleaming off the metallic plate affixed to the side of its skull.

Her heart nearly stopped from fright; she unbuckled, ready to flee.  Then, she froze, unable to move at all.  The sweltering heat from the noonday sun made the Jeep’s interior feel like an oven.  Ripples of sweat ran down her forehead and cheek.  Her hands were clutching the steering wheel, her knuckles turned white; now, her heart was racing, uncontrollably.

The baldheaded creature moved closer, and now Lucia could see its muscular neck, its massive flesh and metallic upper arms, and its broad metallic and muscular torso.  She opened her mouth to scream but couldn’t utter a sound.  Her respirations were rapid and shallow; she was hyperventilating, and she felt faint.  Her vision was fading; she saw stars and then, blackness.

The Cyborg opened the Jeep’s door. Lucia was slumped on the steering wheel.  Its articulated, mechanical hands reached in and seized Lucia’s limp body.