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Iron Five. By Seon O. Stronghold
Planet X91 the beginning -  Mark Stewart
No Explanations - Karen Reis
Einsteiner. By VK Fourstone
Homo-Posterus. By Roy T James
Oracle Moon by Wayne Ellis
The Missing Link. By Erica Pensini
The Essence of Mars - Wayne Ellis
Descent of The Watchers. By D S S Atkinson
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From Lee Willard's A Dry Seed : They all built different universes, but almost all were free of biting insects. The journey to 61 Cygni had taken almost a hundred years, even with the advanced Bussard power that let them accelerate half the way here and decelerate the other half. Unlike the mortals, who had no choice and had to go frozen, most Angels chose not to suspend themselves but continued their lives in their universes thruout the whole journey. Their lives were effected only by the fact that their communications to anyone outside the expedition took longer ...