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Einsteiner. By VK Fourstone
Iron Five. By Seon O. Stronghold
Planet X91 the beginning -  Mark Stewart
No Explanations - Karen Reis
Oracle Moon by Wayne Ellis
The Missing Link. By Erica Pensini
The Essence of Mars - Wayne Ellis
Homo-Posterus. By Roy T James
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A snippet from Brogan's Saga by Mark Higham: 'The drug had not only robbed Brogan of the joie de vivre of life, but gave him sleep deprivation, and color loss in his vision, so now it felt like Brogan was trapped in a newspaper structured world where the black and white flatness of the columns could only hold interest in the content for the form of this prison was much more than verbal but painted a dull picturesque sky of banality that made of Brogan a kind of blotched figure in a landscape where all would be contained in the eye of the beholder ...