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Flowers & Kittens: Dark, Weird Stories
By Russell A. Mebane

Genre/Category: Short Stories
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Flowers & Kittens: Dark, Weird Stories. By Russell A. Mebane
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Ebook Synopsis

Reader rating 17+

These are speculative short stories.  A little horror, some sci-fi, a little fantasy, and a LOT of weirdness. Enjoy!  Oh, and there is some graphic violence in this book.


Hello, Reader! Now, if this is your first time reading one of my books, then that warning up there is for you. These stories are going to be dark. They are also going to be weird. Now you may think you’re hard because you read Harry Potter, but I’m here to tell you my stories are much darker and weirder. I killed a dolphin in my last book and that wasn’t even the most disturbing part. If you don’t like violence, remove yourself FAR AWAY from this book or any other that I’ve written. Just start running and don’t look back.

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