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Blog Words 2016.
By Rod Pitcher

Category: Society Books - Relationship Books
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Blog Words 2016. By Rod Pitcher
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All the articles in this book have appeared on my blog at one time or another over the last couple of years. They are my thoughts on many topics: Life, people, society, how I feel about something, whatever I felt like writing about.

Some of my writings appear on my blogs, or on other people’s web sites. Some just disappear into cyberspace if I don’t think they are worth keeping. Unfortunately, there are a lot of those. No matter. What happens, happens. It’s not worth worrying about it. No-one is perfect, me least of all. Much of the stuff I write is rubbish and not worth keeping, so away it goes.

The ones in this book are the ones that survived. That doesn’t mean that they are particularly good, just that they mean something to me.  Perhaps they will mean something to you too, awaken memories or start you thinking.

That is something that I would like to achieve with this book as you read the articles. If they start you thinking then I will be very pleased. You may not agree with me, that doesn’t matter, that you think about the articles and form an opinion, for or against, or an argument for or against them does matter to me. I want to start you thinking about the topics of my articles, and many other things. That is why they are here, why I went to the trouble of writing them, putting them on my blog, putting them into a book and having them published.

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