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Technical Books and Scientific Books

Earliest published books appear first. Newest books last. Latest books on last page.
Engineers Guide To Calibration Management by Pat Fogwill
Measuring Up by Pat Fogwill
Infinity Plus One by Sander R.B.E. Beals
SharePoint Designer 2010 Essentials - Destin Joy and Mahesh Chand
Sludge Management
Calculus-Based Physics 1 by Jeffrey W. Schnick
Calculus-Based Physics 2 by Jeffrey W. Schnick
Journal of Organic Systems Vol.7 No.2 - Various Authors
System Engineering & Design Architecture by Sander R.B.E. Beals
Modeling and Optimization of Energy Generation and Storage Systems for Thermal Conditioning
Zero Revolution by Ryan Gerard
Science in Uncertainty
A Brief History of Everything: Quarks, Leptons and the Big Bang. Manjunath. R
Science: The Failed Hypothesis - Manjunath. R
The Groundlessness of Infinity - Emmanuel Xagorarakis
Humanity’s  expanding view  of the universe: Why Science is Not About Certainty? - Manjunath R
A beginner’s guide: understanding C, C + + & Java for dummies - Manjunath.R
Beyond Einstein and Newton - Manjunath.R
.P. Protocol and Network Applications - Mayur Patel - Jitendra Shishangiya
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A snippet from Measuring Up by Pat Fogwill: 'The language used in this book does not mean that you have to be a scientist or engineer to understand the methodology; it is a simple guide that takes you through the different steps enabling you work and produce a quality service or quality product. Many of the steps you may have completed to some degree even just in the mind, but the contents show you what is required and the documenting of your procedures. In the end you can have a measurement system that is structurally sound ...