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The Strange Sketch of Sutton
by Jennifer L Armstrong

Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
Creative Commons
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The Strange Sketch of Sutton by Jennifer L Armstrong
Ebook Synopsis
A Kent Family Adventure

While Julia and I have a row to ourselves, there is a burly young man in the aisle seat beside our parents. Behind me I can hear the burly man swearing with a heavy English accent and I can understand why. The man with the knife is rushing right at him! I don’t want to look but I can’t help it. I turn around to see the muscular young English man leap up and give the knife-waving man a sharp kick in the groin. The knife drops to the ground and unbelievably, Julia who is in the aisle seat, reaches down and grabs it. Immediately, my dad pops up behind her and grabs it from her and I do believe that he’s ready to use it except that the young English man is on top of the dark-suited man pounding on his face and chest ...