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The Treasure of Tadmor by Jennifer L Armstrong

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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
Creative Commons
Ebook Format:PDF
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The Treasure of Tadmor by Jennifer L Armstrong
Ebook Synopsis
A Kent Family Adventure.

The Kent Family visits Syria to excavate at Tadmor, only to find out there are some people who are determined that they won't stay.

We’re still driving down a busy main road but absolutely none of it looks familiar and none of it looks Western. There are no hotels or other touristy places that might have English-speaking employees.
“We’ll have to turn around,” decides Mom. She puts on her signal and pulls into a little parking lot belonging to a small outdoor mall and turns us around. When we’re heading in the opposite direction, I can’t help but notice something. “Ummm, not to add to our tribulations,” I say slowly, “but I think we’re being followed. When we pulled out into traffic, that black car back there made a U-turn. Now he’s about three cars behind us.”