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Universe Wide Web: 1 Getting Started
By Simon J Morley

Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Universe Wide Web: 1 Getting Started By Simon J Morley
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A sci-fi adventure about a young boy, Jack Smart, who stumbles upon the universal wide web, an intergalactic internet where creatures from all over the universe go to meet to talk, share, trade and play, and to travel instantly anywhere in the universe.

Jack discovers that his deceased father, an astro-physicist, was not only the first Earth based user of the Universe Wide Web, but also worked on its technology design, and held the security code that is at its core. This code holds the key to controlling it. But the code brings with it danger from many unscrupulous creatures trying to steal it. Jack is drawn into a series of adventures and dangers as creatures try to discover whether he knows what his father knew. His life is in danger; the uniweb is under threat. Who can Jack trust? Can he survive?

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