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Universe Wide Web: 3 Profile Settings
By Simon J Morley

Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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Universe Wide Web: 3 Profile Settings By Simon J Morley
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This is the third book in the sci-fi adventure series The Universe Wide Web. When Jack Smart stumbled across the intergalactic internet, known as the Universe Wide Web, little did he realise what adventures and dangers lay ahead.

Jack meets a new friend on the web, a girl, who he becomes particularly fond of. She asks him to come and visit her at her home planet, and to meet her family. Jack is initially reluctant. Eventually he agrees - but the visit doesn't turn out quite the way Jack had hoped.
While back on Earth Jack tries to help stop an ecological disaster - with mixed results.
As the story unfolds Jack gets embroiled in a fast moving battle to save the Universe Wide Web - and a race against time to save his friends lives.

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