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El Alcázar Treasures By Enez Ensenia
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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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El Alcázar Treasures By Enez Ensenia
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Linda de la Barca lives with her Tia Sophia and her mysterious cat. She doesn't find this situation so terrible in fact she thinks it's awesome. She lives in a old Spanish castle with so much history it will take her a lifetime to learn about!

She embarks on many adventures with the help of Estrella, the mysterious cat. She'll find out way more than she bargained for, but in the end she'll know just how special she really is.

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Excerpt from El Alcázar Treasures:

El Alcázar looms on the edge of the seashore, you can see this castle for miles and miles, some have even said it hides treasures within its walls.  El Alcázar created in the Middle Ages, by an evil king with a horrible scar on his neck; legend says that one of the prisoners – that the king held – gave that to him. 

Spaniards also tell of the legend of a black cat with a star-shaped white speck on her chest that would roam the castle every night looking for the evil king.  Consuela – my friend and Tía Sophia's house cleaner – has a cat named Estrella; she looks just like the cat told about in the legend.  

The story goes that the evil king’s cat was last seen licking its wounds after it attacked the king’s mistress; she scratched the star-marked cat right back!  Sometimes you can hear a cat’s yowl coming from inside the walls of the scary castle. 

Tía Sophia – the caretaker of this Alcázar – says that it’s just my imagination and that I need to stay away from the castle's dungeon, but I would soon get to know it all too well.

One day, I overheard Consuela talking about the dungeon to Estrella as if the cat knew what she was saying, silly Consuela.  I really didn't want to be caught eavesdropping, so I acted just as I was minding my own business, but minding my own business doesn’t make the curiosity go away, all that does is make my curiosity stronger, just like a cat!

I think one day I’ll have to go see what all the whispers are about, but I’ll make sure that no one – not even Estella, the curious cat – knows what I’m doing.

I lay awake at night sometimes and wonder if there are any scary things down in El Alcázar's dungeon.  Honestly, the only way I could believe these scary stories is if I see them for myself.

I’m tucked here in my warm, cozy bed, I do get goose bumps all over just wondering what mysteries are hidden here and there; who knows, and maybe my room has some mysteries in itself.  Sometimes I wish Estrella would talk to me, because I bet she’d have some stories about what she and Consuela talked about, or even where they’ve gone throughout the years.

My name is Linda de la Barca and I am on a mission to find out just how true the ghost stories really are with or without that cat’s help!