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An Irish Wish By Enez Ensenia
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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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An Irish Wish By Enez Ensenia
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Sean wanted a to run away especially after his dad passed away. He felt great sorrow and guilt, but knew he had to prove to himself and his mother that he could become a man his father would be proud of.

He had no clue as to what little 'someone' was in fact looking out for him. Sean was in for a real surprise when soon his very own genie would appear to grant him any wish he desired.

They would journey together throughout the lush land of Ireland and on the way meet some very interesting people that both Sean and his genie would forever remember. And Snookie the cat was indeed an added plus to the adventure!

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Excerpt from An Irish Wish:

Sean O’Casey, a very ordinary boy whose life would turn out quite extraordinary. Events would play out in front of him, when a little someone realizes Sean could use a friend … a very, very special friend indeed.

Sean’s a devoted son, always helping his mother, Edna.  With plenty of chores to do on the farm, Sean does his very best to help.  Their farm is located near a green, mossy moor just on the outskirts of Limerick, Ireland. 

The O’Casey’s haven’t a lot of money, but they do just fine.  The Irish lands provide a good life and a great house that Mr. O’Casey and Edna built with their own hands.  Sean will inherit this farm when he comes of age.  He’s only thirteen, but to Edna he’s clearly a young man already. 

Sean didn’t realize how fast he’d have to grow up, until…

One night, while out throwing the garbage, Mr. O’Casey fell to his knees grasping his chest, and landing on the ground.  Sean stood by watching this horrific scene.  He was so much smaller than his father was, but he tried to lift him off the ground.  Sean tried to walk back to the house, but he could not do it.  Sean screamed for his mother as he collapsed on the ground with his father holding on to his hands.  When Edna arrived it was all too late, he passed away in Sean’s arms.

What was a young boy to do?  He knew he had to do something, but didn’t exactly know what.  But someone else did.

After the tragedy they had dealt with, Sean became the man of the house, at the mere age of thirteen.  He began to do whatever he could to help his mother with the farm. He had to grow up fast at that point, but he promised his mother they’d be happy.  Many years and seasons passed: winter, summer, and fall without much food on the land to survive.  This made Sean worried for his mother’s sake.  He figured she would be better off without another mouth to feed.  He decided that on the next Sunday after church he would go – run away from home.  He knew after mass his mother would come home and relax on her favorite rocker, which squeaked all the time, to knit.  Sean knew his plan would work out.  He didn’t want to see her cry, so he would write her a letter from wherever he ended up, telling her not to worry about him; he had made his young mind up.

Sunday was tomorrow and fast approaching, so he had many things to do, like pack food and water, and if he ran out of those things…

“I’ll live off the land like pops taught me,” he reassured himself. 

He had no idea a small someone was watching out for him all this time, right in the corner of his very own room.