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The Glurmin Chronicles Book 1: The Wand.
By O.F. Onabolu

Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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The Glurmin Chronicles Book 1: The Wand. By O.F. Onabolu
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The Wand is the first book in the ‘Glurmin Chronicles’ telling the story of an unlikely bunch of teenagers who are banded together in an attempt to fulfill a prophecy. Glurmin is a magical world, filled with wizards, mages, shifters, goblins and all kinds of magical beings and has always remained separate from the human world aka Earindom until one day …they collide…….

400 years ago, a powerful but willful witch – Jezebel – with best interests at heart, set into motion the demise of Glurmin, releasing Liydeth, queen of the underworld, betraying her people and in turn enslaving herself to become a Doomror, an agent of evil. Liydeth and her army of Doomrors escape, shattering the ‘stone of virtues’- which held her captive - into twelve pieces which were given to the highest Doomrors for protection…..

Upon eventually freeing herself from those bonds, Jezebel decides now is the time to stop the evil and do what she failed to do all of those years ago, to fulfill a prophecy. But will they trust her when she must enlist the help of her former master’s daughter – Dove - who not only knows what Jezebel  did but also that Jezebel was the one to killed her father and revenge is on Dove’s  mind. After another Doomror meddles in the human world, mutating many teenagers DNA, an unlikely bunch of teens with extraordinary abilities will be banded together by Jezebel, forming a motley crew and one of them just might be Solomon’s Heir…. Heir to the one of the most powerful wizards of Glurmin and the only one who can wield his power, giving them the skills to possibly save Glurmin from the clutches of evil.