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A Fat Slim Chance By Mary Ann Innocent
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Genre/Category: Teen and YA Fiction
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A Fat Slim Chance - Mary Ann Innocent
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Ebook Synopsis

Porkypine’, that’s what everyone called her at school, even her ex best friend! When she moves to a new high school she has to start all over again. There she meets a mysterious, tall, brooding, totally dreamy guy …


This is not me, I tell myself, even as I raise my fist to punch my ex-best friend from kindergarten on her left cheek. I shouldn't even be smirking as I slam my knee to her stomach and hear her groan. I throw an upper cut to her chin as she's hunched over, toppling her backwards into the shores of the beach.

TWhy are we fighting, you wonder? Oh yeah- because my ex-best friend Raina Summers thought it'd be fun to break my heart by sleeping with my first and only boyfriend Gus Dawson. Yeah, she may be an eligible Victoria-Secret-Model kinda girl with her wavy blonde hair and blue-blue eyes but I got Gus first or at-least I thought I did. Till she revealed to me that they planned it. They set me up to fall in love with him then he would break up with me. How cruel is that?

Also, I was the topic of discussion in the boys’ locker room. And I was so clueless. Gus looked overly amused at our display of a girl fight. And so were other fifty students from my school as well. Many of whom held their phones up- obviously recording this funny moment. I wouldn't be surprised if the video turned up in YouTube by tomorrow. CAPTION: FAT GIRL VS SLIM GIRL FIGHT OVER BOYFRIEND or maybe my nickname would come in handy 'PORKY SITS ON CHEERLEADER!' Funny, huh? Yep, that's my nickname at Northingdale High, Detroit. Porky. Sharon Windsale, the fat girl with pale blotchy skin, freckles and flabby tummy. Catchy phrase huh? And you'd wonder why Gus, cute guy that he is, would ever date someone like me in the first place. Can't believe I was so blinded by his charms that I didn't realise that he was always distant to me in public. Hardly stood next to me but once in a while he'd kiss me in the hall or cafeteria and his friends would holler at him. Now I know why. I'm such an idiot!

I'd be lying if I said my heart hadn't literally fallen to the floor and shattered to pieces. And Raina did this to me. I thought I knew her. But it’s all to mock the pork. Me, that is.

That's the more reason why I'm filled with rage as I drag Raina's blonde hair to the waterlogged beach. I dip her head into the water and watch her splatter around, before I felt the blow to my stomach and I'm forced to release her. "Ow!" I burst with pain. Gawd, she's got quite an arm. Raina is up in a second, her wet hair stuck to her face and she's grinning mischievously

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did that hurt?" She hits my more-than-the-average chest and I'm sputtering and cussing some more.

I could see from my peripheral vision as my other friend Ryan and Brittany, Raina's sister rush towards us. But not before I slap Raina across the cheek. Hard.