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Free ebooks for Teens & YA and Teen Shorts too!

Earliest published books appear first. Newest books last. Latest books on last page.
Family Resemblances by Lowry Pei
Mortal Ghost - L. Lee Lowe
As the Crow Sits by Russell Truran
As the Crow Continues to Sit by Russell Truran
The Black Hand Gang By David Edwards
The Silver Ring by Robert Swartwood
Mind + Body by Aaron Dunlap
Impulse Control by Susan Bischoff
Diary of the Dead (Fear Series) by Matthew Watts
Forever Fifteen by Kimberly Steele
Love Waits - Donald James Parker
Never Let You Go - Lowry Pei
The Pirate of Panther Bay - S. R. Staley
Leah by  J. M. Reep
The Spring by  J. M. Reep
Songs from the other side of the Wall - Dan Holloway
Jack Maguire - Dave Jenvey
The Final Dragonkeeper: Quest for the Relic by José J. Amador
The Prophet of Panamindorah - Book One by Abigail Hilton
The Prophet of Panamindorah - Book Two by Abigail Hilton
The Prophet of Panamindorah - Book Three by Abigail Hilton
Anastasia's Grail - Mary Pearson
My 100 Million Dollar Secret - David Weinberger
The Unsuspecting Mage - Brian S. Pratt
Call Me Montana - The Beginning - J. E. Richman
Steel Dust Dawn - J. E. Richman
Battle at Bighorn - J. E. Richman
Drums by Brad Henderson
The Vamanwolf: The First Holocaust by S.S. Raees
My Name is Kyle by Mark Higham
In this age of tablets, smartphones and social media, what’s it like to be a teenager? What do teens read for instance? When it comes to books for teens, obooko is an ideal port of call to download from a huge range of teen e-books and books aimed at YAs too. From romance and fantasy through to coming-of-age dramas, thrillers and techno books.

Books for teens that can be downloaded to Windows or Apple Mac desktop computers along with Android and IOS (iPad) tablets. Plus, ePub ebooks for teenagers can be read on most phones these days. So, as well as online video gaming, websites like obooko.com are offering today’s teens a new source of entertainment that’s not going to cost them a bean: pretty cool eh?

Most teenagers in this digital age are spending more and more time online, not only to connect and network with each other via services like facebook et al, but also to explore the vast encyclopedia of information that’s readily available to users. When it comes to gadgets and apps, teens are always first to find out and test what’s on offer, and spread the message through their social networks. And this is how they hear about free ebooks for teens: from posts and comments that crop up all over the Web. This is to be encouraged so that teenagers don’t lose the interest they once had in reading books. now that they are older it makes sense to incorporate reading into smartphones so they can enjoy a free e-book while on the go .. and teens are always on the go!

Downloading free ebooks for teens and YA readers from obooko is a breeze. We ask you to sign up to ensure you are in fact a teenager and mature enough to read most of the content on the suite. Once you have your password you can download books for teens to your heart’s content. Whether you like mysteries or teen romance, we have free ebooks from all genres so you are sure to find a fantastic free read here..