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The Forest of Evergreen: Lost in the Wilderness. By Teresa May B. Bandiola
The Healer. By C.J. Anaya
The Amity Kids and the Temple of Abaddon. By J.E. Gadd
A Dance of Dragons: Free Series Starter Bundle - Kaitlyn Davis
My Fair Assassin. By C.J. Anaya
Diary of a Teenage Faërie Princess By CB Smith
Love, Knuckles, and Melody Genesis. By CB Smith>
Krazy Dreamz. By CB Smith
I See You. By Tina Mag
Hit-man's Holiday. By B.J. McCall
Gone To The Dogs. By B.J. McCall
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An excerpt from DANGERS OF THE TRUTH By Alisa Posey-Schave: Just as his eyelids began to droop, a painfully bright light flooded the evening air. A small, gray car drifted around the corner, along with a truck he knew to be loaded with heavy lumber driving in the opposite direction. When the vehicles were only a few seconds apart, the overloaded truck suddenly swerved sideways. An earsplitting squeal shattered the peaceful twilight atmosphere as the semi’s momentum caused it to roll directly into the path of the helpless car.