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Nurse Becky Gets Shot - Gary Baker
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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Nurse Becky Gets Shot - Gary Baker
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When the time comes, thought Roger, I have to leave here unseen. Go to a hotel perhaps. No. They could track the credit card. Need cash. Could get five-hundred pounds from a machine in the centre of Darlington then go somewhere else. Five-hundred would last me a while. Need a plan. My laptop. Need some help. Maybe nurse Becky? She seems to not dislike me. Or was she just doing her nursely duty? Cheques. I could go to the bank and get some of those emergency cheques. Then I could use them for larger amounts. Come to think of it, I could get more cash from the teller. That would be better than using a machine. Wouldn't it? Are teller transactions as traceable as card machine transactions? Can't think. I should know this. Can't remember. With a laptop I could move money to different accounts. There is a way. There has to be a way. obooko.