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The Desert has no King by Frederiko Aguilar

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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The Desert has no King - Frederiko Aguilar
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What can I say? I've had a good run. I'm riding blindfolded in a classy car with a babe that I've been banging to kingdom come, and, that I guess I've been in love with since I laid eyes on her. Now we're in the damn desert at three in the morning where lightning and thunder are having their way with each other. I can smell the rich scent of Opium perfume as Nina sits next to me. Tremors are going through her body as her blindfold soaks up a tear. I know the routine and this scene. Hey, this is Vegas! It's funny how keen your senses become when you can't see a thing. I'm calm... I know the score! I hear the purring of the motor as we drive over bumps and slides of blowing sand. That damned thunder! I never could get used to it. We're stopping. I can feel Nina's body tighten. Front car doors open slowly as our escorts step out. A long minute goes by as I feel Nina's warm breath face me. obooko.