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Acts of the Apostles by John F. X. Sundman
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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Acts of the Apostles by John F. X. Sundman

As U.S. directed forces gather in Saudi Arabia for the bigges military operation after Normandy, microchip designer Todd stumbles upon a previously unknow function hidden inside the Kali computer chip. That night, as he lies sleeping in his bed, he is shot

In the closing days of 1995, after a demanding week working in the fast lane of Silicon Valley, exhausted software engineer Nick, boards an overnight flight to Boston and ends up sitting next to a very unhinged man who declares he knows the secret of Gulf War Disease. Nick's travelling companion meets his dramatic death somewhere over Utah - and the police have a suspicion that Nick is the murderer. It's not long befeore everyone wants a piece of Nick - from the Airport cops to the CIA. obooko.