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Network of Killers by D. B. Reynolds
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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Network of Killers by D. B. Reynolds
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Carmine and Michael Bernazzoli of the Chicago Outfit have consolidated power with Thomas Galluccio of the Kansas City Outfit for years. Their ability to make money, exercise power, and minimize bloodshed within the multi-billion dollar unions of the Teamsters have always been their objectives. A new threat has arisen. That very threat is FBI Special Agent Wilfredo Feliciano. The Bernazzoli Brothers and Galluccio always believed that everyone had a price, that is, until Feliciano came onto the scene. Feliciano has been christened to investigate the unholy alliance between the Teamsters Union and powerful crime figures.

The Chicago and Kansas City Mafia Outfits are aware of how their notorious crime families will feel the hot breath of the U. S. Government closing in if Feliciano gathers all of his important data. Money and power proves how the most precious jewel in their crown is the International Brotherhood of the Teamsters. As a last desperate measure, a band of bloodthirsty contract killers have been sanctioned by the Bernazzoli Brothers and Galluccio to take out Agent Feliciano.