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Billy by Shaun Whittington

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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Billy by Shaun Whiittington
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This is a revised and extended version of the short story, 'The Third Anniversary.' It's been nearly three years since the school killings, and Billy Jones is still haunted by what happened and struggles on how to deal with an episode that will scar the town for a long time.

Excerpt: The hysterical screaming of young voices pierced his sensitive ears; almost making them wince as the noise assaulted them. It was a surreal, sullen moment, and his mind refused to comprehend what was happening, it was as if he was drunk and had no control over his body. He looked around in a frightened daze, and saw the dead man slumped to the floor, the knife sticking out of his chest. Also, blood covered the floor of the room, and it didn't just belong to the dead man. It belonged to other young souls who were no longer alive, and to others that were injured.

His legs shook so violently he found it hard to stand, as he scanned the room with his frantic eyes looking for his son. Where was he? He couldn't see, as the majority of children that were shrieking, were simultaneously running around like antelopes from a fire. Some ran in terror and didn't know where they were going; some held onto their bleeding wounds, while others stood still in a state of shock and screamed ...

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