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Death on a Small, Dark Lake by Lenny Everson

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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Death on a Small, Dark Lake by Lenny Everson
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Win Szczedziwoj is a would-be escapee from society for a few days. Just him and his canoe. But his solitude comes to an abrupt end when his fishing line comes up with a boot - with a body still in it.

Excerpt: At first, I thought I'd snagged a log.
Oh, I had no problems with that. If I’m going to drop a fishing line into an isolated Ontario lake, I've got to expect to catch a few dead trees and maybe lose a few lures and say a few words that children shouldn’t hear.
"Gol darn it all to heck," I said politely. Or words to that effect.
Isolated lake? We're talking Ontario granite-edge tree-lined body of water. The bottom is full of rocks and trees and bits and pieces of trees and bits and pieces of rocks. If I’m not using a surface lure for bass, odds are I’ll catch a branch or a trunk down in the dark holes, assuming I miss the rocks, of course. It’s a great country for rocks.
I had a small spinner on the other end of the line, with a lead weight to get it down quickly, hoping for perch even at mid-day. It was lunch time, there were fish down there, and it was time we got together ...