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Granite and Dry Blood by Lenny Everson

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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Granite and Dry Blood by Lenny Everson
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A short canoeing adventure set in Ontario's Massassauga Provincial Park. With canoes, a bear, a nuke, a B-52 and a guy with a gun.

At less than 10,000 words, this is perfect for someone with limited time or a short attention span.


"There's a loon over about five o'clock," Tony said, pointing with his paddle. He was beginning to natter; he was sure of it. He'd known it was bound to happen. He liked to think of himself as the strong, silent type, but he was sure the truth would come out.

The truth was, good-looking women made him nervous.

At the front of the yellow canoe, Connie stopped paddling, took up a small pair of binoculars, and observed the bird in silence for a moment. Then she said, "That's a pretty bird. Are they edible?"

"Ah, I doubt it," he said, a bit startled. "I imagine they'd taste of fish." "I guess she really is from out of country," he thought, still trying to place the slight accent. He'd wondered if she was American at first, but the accent had a definite trace of Old World.

He was till trying to accept the fact that he'd started out from Oshawa on a solo canoe trip, and was now paddling down South Channel with an astonishingly good-looking redhead. "Life changes so quickly," he thought. "Would you pass me one of those apples?" he asked. His stomach was a bit of a flutter.