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Sharko by Ben Borland
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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Sharko by Ben Borland
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This fast-moving thriller combines love, lust and murder in the heat of an Australian summer. Take some ruthless gangsters, a fiendish murderer and an onslaught of man-eating sharks and you have a breathless page-turner that will make you think twice before booking that holiday Down Under.


Rose Wright knew it had been mistake to bring the kids along to see the tiger shark, even before the horrible thing vomited up a severed human arm.It had all started to go wrong earlier that afternoon, when the kitchen door crashed open and Alan and Sally charged in from the garden.“Mum, mum, guess what! Cliff says there’s a shark at Coogee.”Rose, who had been chopping an onion for meatloaf, put down the knife and wiped her eyes on the hem of her apron.

“Cliff reckons it’s as big as a whale,” said Sally.“It’s a shark, stupid, not a whale,” Alan scoffed, frowning at his sister. “A tiger one.”Rose noticed their obnoxious playmate Cliff, lurking by the door and looking immensely pleased with himself. “It’s got stripes, that’s why it’s called a tiger shark,” he explained. “That means it’s a man-eater.”Alan’s eyes opened even wider. A man-eater! “Can we go and see it, mum, pur-lease?” he begged.“Yeah, can we mum, pretty please?”“No, you certainly cannot,” said Rose, before attempting to stem the problem at its source. “Have you seen this shark, Cliff?” she asked, sceptically.“Yes,” the little so-and-so replied. “Twice.”Alan and Sally regarded him with awe for a moment, before launching a renewed bout of energetic pleading, jumping up and down on Rose’s new black and white linoleum.“Canwecanwecanwe...”Oh, anything for some peace, thought Rose, as she told the cheering kids to go and get washed.

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