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LA 3-Way by Ben Borland
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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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LA 3-Way by Ben Borland
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Advisory reader age for this book is 17+

A comedy crime caper about the intertwining lives of a British pop star in Hollywood and an ordinary young man in Scotland who looks just like him. The pop star's attempt to atone for his wife's death leads him into deadly territory; his hapless double, meanwhile, becomes embroiled in a money-making scheme which puts him on a collision course with ruthless gangsters and a mysterious assassin.

Paul Crombie is in a mess – he’s lost his job, his girlfriend’s dumped him and he’s a dead ringer for the most unpopular celebrity on the planet, the ego-maniac pop star Zack Keane. But when a friend suggests a job as a ‘hate-a-like’ in order to make a few quid from the newspapers, he has no idea it will put him on the front pages and ultimately leave him fighting for his life against psychotic Glaswegian gangsters, ruthless glamour models, greedy talent agents and a mysterious assassin.

Meanwhile in Hollywood Zack Keane is attempting to rebuild himself and his public image by solving the disappearance of his housekeeper’s daughter. Dogged by paparazzi, teenage hoodlums and nymphomaniac French exchange students, the trail leads him to the shocking discovery that the death of his wife – for which he has wrongly taken the blame – may not have been all that it seemed.

And all the while, the two men – so similar in appearance and yet so radically different in almost every other way – are on a collision course that will propel them into a finale that is beyond their wildest dreams…

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