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Diane D: The Musical Drama By Doris Miller
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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Diane D, The Musical Drama By Doris Miller
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A musical drama and psychological thriller about a family owned Charity and Entertainment Organization.  The story involves 3 generations of the Diaz-Davidson family.  The family's Charity and Entertainment Organization performs shows around the country and the world to raise money for charity, and involves fistfights, violent tempers, arrests, superhuman strength, jail time, hospitalizations and mental illness.

The lead character is a young, gorgeous, sexy, attractive, half-black/half-Dominican female named Diane Denise Brown also known as Diane D.  She is around 24 years old.  She was born in the Dominican Republic.  She now lives in New York with her family and is married to Michael, a handsome black man from New York.  

She is a professional gymnast, a professional dancer, tap dancer and a singer.  She is also a personal trainer and has some background skills in the martial arts.   She is a very athletic person.  She also works in a hospital.  In her spare time, she rides motorcycles with her Jamaican cousin Dana of ‘DANGEROUS DANA‘.  

Diane D’s parents, Mary and Barry along with Mary’s parents, Margarita and Tomas, own and run a Charity and Entertainment Organization, which was started by Margarita and Tomas back in the Dominican Republic.  Diane D sings and dances on stage for her parents and grandparents’ Organization.  Her two brothers Nicolas and Mickey sing and play guitars, and her husband Michael is the leader of a band that plays for the organization.

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