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Deep Trouble By Mark Hill
Crime, detective, thriller

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Deep Trouble By Mark Hill
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Armed with little more than a sense of humour and a 9mm Browning, Florida private eye Rex Fowler and on-again off-again love interest police officer Lara Travis set off in search of crooks, conmen, and buried treasure.

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Sharkey Drysdale had the three Australians hanging on his every word.

"Look at the quality of this piece," he said, passing around a color photograph of a centuries-old Indian necklace that he'd carefully razored from a public library copy of Treasures of the Maya.

"Genuine Aztec. I took this picture myself. The gold alone is worth thousands. And there's tons of the stuff down there."

"Where?" the Aussies asked in unison.

"Right here," Sharkey said, holding up another photo, this one showing three huge stone pyramids. "Gentlemen, feast your eyes on the ancient Aztec capital of Palenque, deep in the heart of modern Mexico."

Wide-eyed, the Aussies gasped. If it is at all possible to sweat greed, the stuff seemed to be pouring out of these guys. Until then, I'd always thought "goldlust" was the stuff of cheesy pirate movies and juvenile adventure novels. Not any more. The three men on my boat were drowning in it.

I didn't have the heart to tell them that the Aztecs made their capital at Tenochtitlan, not Palenque. Nor did I bother to mention that Sharkey's lovely photograph of Palenque was actually the Mayan city of Tikal, which sits, not in Mexico, but deep in the heart of modern Guatemala.

When Sharkey's on a roll, the truth gets left behind.