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Not Worth the Paper it's Written On!
By Peter C Byrnes. Murder squad series: book 17

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Not Worth the Paper it's Written On! By Peter C Byrnes
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The 17th  Instalment in the Series of the life and times of Murder Squad Detectives Joseph Lind and Marjory Hendricks.

In past decades, the issuing of Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO's) or Court Issued Prevention Orders has been similar to the free hand out of Chocolate Biscuits at a Church Fete.

Rules have been tightened up on this process over the past couple of years with an issuing of an AVO subject to greater Court examination and determination.

The majority of persons subject to these Orders obey the limitations and restrictions placed on them but there will always be that few who, like an accelerant to an open flame, will behave in a more uncertain manner. Whether it be anger, hatred, a need for vengeance or in their narrow field of logic, to teach some-one a lesson, the result will be death to one or both parties involved.

Lind and Hendricks were both deeply effected emotionally during the Investigation of the “Bodies in the Bags” Case with several loose threads constantly pulling at their consciences. In a surprised twist while the two were on-site of the macabre murder of a charismatic Pastor of an Evangelical Church, they identify the third person involved in the “Bodies in the Bags” case supposedly seeking solace and God's forgiveness for his role in the crime.

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