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Prey on the Prowl -  A Crime Novel
By BS Murthy

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Prey on the Prowl -  A Crime Novel By BS Murthy
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While Detective Dhruva is awaiting response to his ad' for a lady assistant, Inspector Shakeel comes to seek his help in pinning down Radha who he suspects had poisoned Madhu her man and Mala his mistress. But before Dhruva could grapple with the issue, Ranjit comes to seek his help in facilitating the release his kidnapped wife Kavya, who only that morning, had posted her bio-data to him.

Dhruva recruits Shakeel to ingeniously rescue Kavya but to cynically implicate her captor, the young Pravar, in a fake currency case. But that only accentuates the empathy Kavya, a lawyer herself, experiences for Pravar courtesy the Stockholm Syndrome. She manages to secure bail for Pravar by putting Shakeel who she believes was behind it all in the dock. Pravar who develops an eye for the mature Kavya schemes to win her over unmindful of his wife Natya’s protests. When in the end, Kavya capitulates; he begins to press her to divorce Ranjit.

In the meantime, Radha the suspected murderess tells Dhruva that it was Mala’s brother Pravar piqued by her affair with Madhu who could have poisoned them both. When Radha seeks his help to expose Pravar and rescue her honour, Dhruva takes her on board as his assistant. Shortly thereafter, Ranjit was poisoned to death presumably by a burkha-clad woman whom he was receiving at home when Kavya was away with Pravar. Before Shakeel could grapple with the murder case, he himself was poisoned to death deepening suspicion about Pravar’s role in the murders. But Pravar and Natya died of poisoning in Kavya’s home when she was not in town, allegedly by a burkha-clad woman.

While Radha articulates Kavya’s motive to murder each one of them, Dhruva thinking that there was more to the murders than met the eye, begins to probe the crime on a different plane. In the end, when he leads Inspector Simon who succeeds Shakeel towards the culprit, it leaves Radha and Kavya equally surprised .

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