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Cannon Street By John M Upton
Security Novel Series Episode 17

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Cannon Street By John M Upton
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It was as if the entire City was holding its breath as the echoes of the explosions died away leaving only the cacophony of alarms amidst the smoke that started to clear to reveal the true extent of the devastation and tragedy…

Whilst the Security & Police Service were in time to prevent one tragedy, they were blinded to the real target and now someone had paid the price with their life.

From the flames emerged new threats and the very fabric of the Justice system in the UK and overseas comes under intense attack both from outside and within.

Concluding the thrilling cliffhanger set up by ‘London Bridge’, Cannon Street takes the story to the next level as chaos reigns supreme, power mad and corrupt people run amok and in the middle of all the the Security & Police Service struggle to cope with the madness.

This episode sees the further development of a couple of characters, at least one of which I intend to become a new regular. It also sees the retirement after twelve novels of an old stalwart of the series but don’t rule out him coming back again one day….

PLEASE NOTE: John has suspended writing so this is the last book in the series for the foreseeable future.

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