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Honey K By Amaris Ricci
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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Honey K By Amaris Ricci
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Advisory reader age 17+

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It's unethical to go the whole way with a stranger after just meeting them. It's more unethical to have a key to their house after one night. It's even more unethical to be a cop and your lover is a cold blooded assassin. Chayna knew it would end badly but after meeting Honey K face to face she knew it was all over. When he invited her back to his house for a night of fun she had two choices, either accept or don't - the problem is that either one could get her killed. 

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Honey K set up his weapon and waited for his target to come into view.  The pay on this job was $30 grand and the last one was $45 grand.  Honey K was the most sought after assassin in the world.  He got his nick name from his handler.  First time they met he told him his face was too sweet to belong to a killer and women thought he was like honey and obviously K was his first initial.

He had been killing what society would consider to be the rich scum of the earth for five years and he worked for more money than the President.  He was born in Barbados to a night club dancer and she fell in love with a policeman but when she told him she was pregnant, he left the island and never looked back.  She raised her son the best she could and she died when he was 18.  He joined the army on the day of her funeral.  He was now 35 and had quietly amassed quite a fortune. He paid a company to look after his assets and so far everything was going smoothly.  Until he met Chayna.  He had just come back from a 2 year undercover job in Italy as the number one man for Mafia Boss, Vincenzo Sartorelli and was looking to take a vacation when he realized someone was investigating him.  He set up his laptop to give him notice anytime someone entered his name into any database in the world.   It automatically traced the location of the searcher and tapped into any cameras attached to the device. 

“Well isn’t she pretty? I think I’m going to love this.”