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The Cleaning Lady By Amaris Ricci
Free Crime story

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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The Cleaning Lady By Amaris Ricci
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No one knows what their future holds.  We often hear this when we don’t know what else to say about a situation.  Nacola was one of those children whose life was meant for a story book.  Her parents were brutally murdered and she fell in love with the epitome of danger.

She knew she was loved by the people around her but in her profession, does that love solve every problem you every encounter?  She realises she wants more out of life but she doesn’t know how to ask for it and when the times come the decision will have to be made by someone else.

Will the love she has found give her new meaning?  Will she always be who she is or will she make a total change and become the woman she was meant to be and most of all will she find out who she really is? 

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“I need all of you safe in case I screw up Toggle, you know the drill, you are the one who created it.”

“I’m getting old Batch, pretty soon I won’t be able to do this, and the signs are there.  Take us with you.  Please.”  Toggle never says please.

“Guys?”  Batch questions the faces on each screen.

“We’re in.”  They all responded at once.

“If we all leave now, we can’t come back.”

“We know, everything is already set. As of 6am this morning we own nothing here.  All the accounts have been transferred to where they need to go.” Toggle waited for Batch to react.

“Okay, what’s going on?”

“Last job Batch, you need a life, your childhood was one dramatic experience after the next.  We feel guilty bringing you into this life and it’s time we all get out.” 

“Don’t guys.  You’re all I have, all I know.  Why now?”  The tears began to pool in her eyes.  She wiped them with the back of her hand.

“Toggle is dying sweetie.  He and Giggs are going to retire and take a permanent vacation.  Rom and Sata want to get married and have a family.  That leaves you and me.  The others already know and I can’t hide anymore.  I’ve loved you from the day we rescued you.  I would give my life to see you happy.  After this job, I would like us to start dating and if you agree we will get married in a few months.  If not, you will never see me again because I can’t bear to see you with another man.” 

The sniffles became louder.

“Oh geeze, honey don’t cry.  This is all sudden, we know that and we wanted to do this in person but this job came up and Toggle’s instincts are never wrong.  We knew this day would come and this way we can get out by choice and not by death.”


“Yes what?”  Five voices responded.

“I’ll marry you Simm but not in a few months, tomorrow.”

“Toggle, Giggs, permission to marry tomorrow.”

“Permission granted.  Okay power down, we meet at headquarters at 6am tomorrow morning.”