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Diane D: In The Headlines By Doris Miller
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Genre/Category: Thriller, Mystery & Supernatural
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Diane D: In The Headlines By Doris Miller
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This is a sequel to Diane D The Musical Drama and DANGEROUS DANA, a Suspense Thriller.  It is a suspense, drama, psychological thriller about a family owned Charity and Entertainment Organization.

The story involves 3 generations of the Diaz-Davidson family.  The family's Charity and Entertainment Organization performs shows around the country and the world to raise money for charity. 

Diane D In The Headlines involves headline and article scandals, sniper shootings, highway shootings, road rage, drunk driving arrests, weapons possession charges, fist fights, attacks, highway car chasings, motorcycle chasings, paralyzations, miscarriages, abortions, suicide, mental illness, split personalities, eerie spirit possessions and the supernatural.  It also involves Diane D and her deranged and dangerous cousin Dana, of DANGEROUS DANA a Suspense Thriller, being tossed and thrown behind bars together!

This story also involves a newspaper reporter and Dana getting into a heated argument and physical altercation outside a Banquet Hall over what the newspaper reporter threatens to write about Diane D!  

What's more, the story also involves three female police officers being beat up, attacked and injured on two separate occasions by Dana.  Dana is soon tossed and thrown behind bars again for assaulting the female police officers.  All three female officers are forced to quit and resign from the police force because of the injuries they suffered.  

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