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Vengeful Thoughts can Sour the Soul
By Peter C Byrnes.
Murder squad series: book 25

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Vengeful Thoughts can Sour the Soul - Peter C Byrnes
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This is the 25th Installment in the Series surrounding the activities of Murder Squad Detective Joseph Lind and his young partner Shelley Shields. The young woman was again partnered with Lind as her former partner Dallas Courtney was involved in a horrific car accident as he headed for home from a week-end “Slip Team” duty.

The prognosis is not encouraging for Courtney to be able to return to the Murder Squad. Consequently, the partnership of Lind and Shields is settling into a warm familiarity.

A vicious fight between two twin brothers leaves one dead and the other in hospital. One brother tormenting the other for years until the pent up rage for revenge explodes.

A retired successful Solicitor dies after a terrible hammer blow to the head. Alone in his home on the north coast of NSW the evidence initially points to a Home Invasion gone terribly wrong. After more than a week of investigating the crime, the local Police call in the Murder Squad Detectives Joseph Lind and Shelley Shields from Sydney. A situation not enjoyed by the Murder Squad Detective as the scents have cooled.

Is it possible that a small kernel of hate can slowly ferment to become an ulcerating mass blackening the very soul.....and once revenge is exacted, will this obsession dissipate or will it sour the soul? Forever?

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