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Terror Has Many Faces. By Peter C Byrnes
Murder squad series: book 28

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Terror Has Many Faces - Peter C Byrnes
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The 28th Instalment in the series surrounding the Cases of the Murder Squad Detective Joseph Lind and his young partner Shelley Shields.

We associate terror with Suicide Bombers, Car Bombs, radical, brutal and murderous Muslim Fundamentalists in the form of ISIS, the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria

We do not acknowledge, recognise or reconcile that a similar terror in many forms lurks the jumbled jungles of suburbia in the large cities and towns of Australia. Women are being subjected to brutality and death within the supposed safety of their own homes in a similar manner as women being stoned, clubbed and shot to death on the sands of these Middle eastern countries.

Subjugated, cowered and made subservient under the threat of beatings and death by others who require complete obedience to fuel their alter-egos and to retain their skewered sense of power.

In both regions of the world.

The huge amount of money spent since 9/11 to stamp out the terrorist threat appears not to be working as the beast seems to be growing with its tentacles reaching into every western country of the world.

If the same amount of money was diverted to help combat domestic violence, would the problem have ceased to exist?

Detective Joseph Lind's long time friend Brendan Waszackinack, the high ranking Anti-terrorist AFP Officer suffers his own personal terrors from too many years of front line service.

Through the horror of a terrorist attack at the University of NSW and a death of an innocent victim and the revenge killing of a respected member of a religious sect, Joseph Lind stumbles across his biological mother. The atmosphere however, is not similar to the moment that he found his father. The families of each of his long lost parent are worlds apart due to the terrors inflicted on one family and the love exuding from the other.

Love is what may counter the terror.....but terror has many faces and the fight will always be long and slow.

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