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In the Forest of Light and Dark.
By Mark Kasniak

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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In the Forest of Light and Dark - Mark Kasniak
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Over the course of the next two weeks I had hit the streets again looking for new work. During which time my Step Daddy Cade had found a job as a handyman doing odd jobs for one of the old ladies in the neighborhood. It wasn’t very much money and the job would be over by the week’s end, but at least it was something keeping us afloat.

the Live and let Dye salon over on the other side of town. She had previous experience at cutting hair, having worked in several other salons back when she’d first moved to Mobile. That was before I was born.

But, even with my mama working a second job though things were still pretty rough for us. Money was going to be tight for the foreseeable future with all the past-due bills that needed to be paid piling up and the mortgage on top of that. Which I had overheard my parents discussing was approaching nearly two months past-due.

After I had become clued in on just how far my parents had fallen behind on the mortgage I felt I had no choice but to do whatever I could to help out. What choice did I have, really? We needed a place to live, didn’t we? So, I went to my cigar box and retrieved my savings that I had accumulated for the Tran Am along with the small amount I had stored up in the occasional rainy day fund. I had figured that this was just about as rainy of a time as any, so when the first chance had arisen for me to approach my mama (Which was sometime when my Step Daddy Cade wasn’t in ear shot. I didn’t want to hurt his pride by offering them money. It was a big deal for him to have us think of him as the bread-winner, and by taking money from his kid, it would’ve been like taking a punch to the gut.) I tried giving it to her. But of course, she declined it telling me she just couldn’t take it. She’d known how hard I’d been working all summer for that money, so the thought of accepting it would’ve broken her heart.