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Burn's World: A Love Triangle By Eve Rabi
Free Romance Thriller Ebook

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Burn's World: A Love Triangle - Eve Rabi
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Adult content: advisory reader age 17+

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My name is Burn and I’ve never been a size eight.

I’m almost seventeen, I like cigarettes, Rocky Road ice cream, Friday afternoons, vodka and orange juice, my iPhone and I crave heartache, heartbreak, love sickness and all the stuff that goes with falling in love and being in love, because… it’s so goddamn romantic!

Bella and Edward – now that’s the love I dream of. Simply can’t wait for the day I get to experience that kind of love and all that comes with it
TI suck at math, I diet every single Monday morning to Wednesday lunch time, I spend most Saturday nights dateless and catching up with laundry or shaving my legs just in case I get asked out, and, I don’t like Beyoncé

Why? Because she is so beautiful and perfect and I’m not. Am I jealous of her?


She’s friggin’ perfect. I mean, ever seen her drunk like a skunk, or should I say, drunk like Mariah at an awards evening? Nooo

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