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The Memory Man: T14 Book 1
By Marcus Freestone

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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The Memory Man: T14 Book 1 - Marcus Freestone
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The first book in the series about a futuristic, high-tech counter-terrorism agency. Mixing sci-fi, action, crime and humour, the story follows the agents of T14, including one who has a computer chip in his head, as they fight international espionage and home-grown terrorism with an unlimited budget.


It all began the day I read my obituary.

Using the Cartesian Cogito and Occam's razor I reasoned that I was alive, so there were three options.

Somebody was trying to threaten me.

Somebody had good reason to think I was actually dead.

Somebody was sending me a coded message.

I could think of more effective threats, particularly with the resources and moral contortions available to the people I was currently pretending to work with. Besides, if they had worked out who I really was they would have just rung the doorbell and shot me in the head, or at least tried to. They would also have no way of finding out about the code system unless they'd captured one of my fellow agents and tortured them. No, be sensible, don't let your imagination run away; there's already enough paranoia in the organisation.

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