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Lethal Discoveries. By Erica Pensini
Science thriller

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Lethal Discoveries. By Erica Pensini
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After walking out of a disturbing past, Iris plays with science at in a state-of-the-art lab. Iris is innocent but her games are not, and when she comes up with a discovery worth millions of dollars the chessboard turns into a dangerous ground where no one is worth trusting.


It was 7 p.m. and the only people around were Brad and I.

I was ready to leave too, half frozen as I was. It was steaming hot outside but I couldn’t tell. Winter or summer, the thermostat kept the temperature at a constant of 23 °C in the perfect cosmos of FoodTech labs, the ultimate generation facilities for engineered food.

My goal there was to find a way to foam pudding. Use half the amount of ingredients, find a way to boost the volume and you’ve got it all: pudding cheap for the consumer and profitable for the industry. For the last three months I had been trying to synthesize a polymer that could do the trick when added to the pudding. Inexpensive pudding for happy people, this is what I was after.

Ok, not exactly. I didn’t care about the pudding, the people or the food industry. I just wanted to find the polymer for the sake of it, because it was a challenge, a game if you will. There was no ethics and no real life involved as far as I was concerned: it was just about me, my polymer and my air-conditioned, mint white, neon lit world. You find this squalid? I was hired to make cheap pudding because money is what makes the world go round. I never set these rules, so I chose to forget them. Someone wanted cheap pudding, I wanted the fun of making it for them. You’d call this a win-win deal. Wouldn’t you?

Today I had finished producing a new batch of polymer. The jars with the different puddings were nice and ready in the rack waiting for a small dose of my polymer.

“Still not ready to go?”, I heard at my back.

That was Brad. Our homes were 5 minutes away one from the other and we carpooled almost every day.

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