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Ghost Riders. By Peter C Byrnes.
Murder squad series: book 38

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Ghost Riders. By Peter C Byrnes
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This is the 38th Instalment in the Series detailing the Homicide Cases of Detectives Joseph Lind and his younger partner Shelley Anne Shields. They have been requested to mentor the up and coming young Detective Sasha Blayney for a short period of time until a suitable partner can be found for her.

In 2012, in a packed Media Conference Room in the White House, an Advisor to President Obama put a question to the gathered throng. This was in response to the alarming growing homicide rate directly attributable to stalking and grooming practices that was occurring on Social Media sites. Something needed to be done.

Unfortunately little has changed in either the US or here in Australia since a Task Force was formed to try and diminish this frightening statistic.

The Presidential Advisor asked the question:
'Would you permit your 13 year old daughter to stand on a corner of a busy arterial road in your neighbourhood skimpily dressed and holding up a placard that detailed:-

• her name and address
• her date of birth
• her mobile phone number
• her class and High School and her favourite teacher
• her e-mail address and her Tweeter account and Face Book passwords if she has them!
• her likes and dislikes
• the fact that the entire family were spending four weeks in Florida during the Summer holidays
• her favourite male and female singers and her favourite songs
• her favourite colour, clothes and make-up
• where she is going the following week-end and the week-end after that
• A photo of her pet dog, her teddy and various 'selfies' in different clothing
• and other personal details that she would be too embarrassed to even tell her parents'

No? Not on, you say?

But that is exactly what your 13 year old is doing every time that she hops on her favourite Social Media site to speak to her friends. Not just for the benefit of whom-ever she is conversing with, but for the benefit of whom-ever wants to listen or join in the conversation....or just sit and watch!

Friend, family or foe.'

While the vast number of Social Media Users do not really care or give a damn about some 11 year old soccer star in Sydney, Australia, there are those who swim in the murky depths never being anticipated, seen or suspected.

They are waiting.......they are stalking......waiting for that strike!

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