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Fire Games. By Mark Stewart
Free Crime Thriller

Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Fire Games. By Mark Stewart
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Fire games is a nail biting, catch me if you can, crime thriller. Detective Alan Kendal, Melbourne homicide puts his life on the line to outplay the psychotic arsonist known as Patrick.

Kendal is ordered to team up with Detective Claire Ambroso whom he’s known since school. She carries a secret and he has a grey past. Which emotion one will come forward to haunt first?

Kendal grows suspicious of his new partner when she aims her gun directly at him and pulls the trigger. What’s her motive? Is she Patrick’s accomplice? If not, who is? How can Patrick always be one step ahead? Does Kendal have enough time to rescue his kidnapped twelve-year-old daughter, Tegan, before Patrick’s fiery finale? The winner of Fire Games will take all.

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