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The Quantum Mantra. By Henri-Paul Bour
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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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The Quantum Mantra. By Henri-Paul Bour
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Kindle edition :

Pascal is a French doctor who is working in a refugee camp at the Thai-Burmese border. He is respected for his compassionate and adventurist spirit. Since childhood, he experiences premonitory visions and time travel but an accident reveals the true nature of his remarkable gift, a secret he must eventually confront and expose.

Mantras, such as the famous Tibetan OM, are sacred words. When these words are uttered or chanted, they are said to connect our mind to a different reality.

In fact, the mantra concept goes far beyond the Vedic rituals, and can be found in all religions, using other names: (Mystic psalms, Kabbala letters, Gregorian songs, Islam prayers and so on.) They are the voices of our souls.

Nowadays, science and spirituality converge to similar conclusions: Everything is vibration, energy, waves with frequencies. The body and brain are waves, creating energy fields. The energy fields from our body and brain emit special waves capable of resonating with unknown cosmic fields some call Ether, Matrix, Zero Point field, collective consciousness… Nobody knows for sure.

But many think that it is how our consciousness emerges. When the mantras are chanted, these resonances are stronger and produce a tighter entanglement between our mind wave/particles and the wave/particles of the outer fields. This fine tuning between those waves generates a higher consciousness.

Those who have experimented the chantings have certainly felt these connections and the awakening of a positive harmonious energy.

What would happen if some Quantum scientist could artificially control our mind by entanglement?