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The Land of Ozz: A book about Australia and Australians. By Rod Pitcher

Genre/Category: Travel Guides and Books
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The Land of Ozz. By Rod Pitcher
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Ebook Synopsis

This is a book about Australia and Australians. As the sub-title of this book, and my blog, says, it is about how they look to a person brought up in a different culture and country who is taking a look at Australia and its people from a bit outside or at least on the outskirts. If my view is a bit skewed that’s because I don’t think that I’ll ever really understand Australians.

As Nino Culotta once said “They’re a Weird Mob”. I can’t argue with that! But it is that ‘weirdness’ that makes them so interesting to someone like me with a background in Anthropology. All Anthropologists know that every culture is ‘weird’ until you get used to it. The ‘getting used to it’ is part of the fun and interest that goes with living in a society and culture different from that into which one was born.

I’m not making fun of the Aussies. I’m mostly letting them do it to themselves. One thing that a lot of (some?) Aussies do do well is laugh at themselves. Sometimes. As long as it’s not too personal. Or insulting to the country. Or about sex (don’t ask!). Or a lot of other things, really. But sometimes they do, so that’s alright.

I must admit that I do have trouble with the Aussie sense of humour. After living most of my life here, much of it still passes me by.

All I do is pick up stories from here, there and everywhere, re-write them to suit my own point of view, and post them on my blog. I find the media to sometimes be a good source of stories that have, or can be written to have, a funny side, although that is not usually intended (the Australian media is not renowned for its ‘fun-loving’ nature! It often takes itself much too seriously and is usually politically biased).

Some of the stories are true and I tell them as they really happened. Others I ‘stretch’ a bit (sometimes a lot!) to make them more interesting or funny. Some I know aren’t true, but they are here anyway, just for the fun of it. It’s up to you if you want to find the difference and which are which (but don’t get too serious about it, just enjoy reading the book).

Most of the articles in this book were first published on my blog, Ozz Whispers, but some are new and were written specifically for this book.

Perhaps, if you are a foreigner like me, you will learn something useful or interesting about Australia and Australians from this book. Or maybe not.

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