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Free ebook Utilities

If you don't have these utilities installed on your system you can download them here:

For those who can't view PDF on their eReader, we will soon be introducing a range of other formats. In the meantime, download Calibre (free) which, among a host of other features, can convert your PDF ebooks to: EPUB, FB2, OEB, LIT, LRF, MOBI (kindle), PDB, PML, RB, PDF, TCR, SNB, TXT With a host of built-in features, including Read Aloud, this is the most popular cross-browser free ebook reader. At 20mb it's a large file to download but it's feature rich.

Versions also available for handhelds:
Pocket PC, Palm, Symbian, Android,
S60 3rd Edition.
Adobe Reader for Windows & Mac - Free Adobe Reader for Windows & Mac - Free
Get Calibre (Windows & Mac) Get Adobe Reader (Windows & Mac)
Similar to the bigger guy but at 5mb it's only a quarter of the size, runs a lot faster and launches instantly. It also has a handy Text Converter that allows you to convert free PDF ebooks into text files.

Versions also available for handhelds:
Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Smartphone, Windows CE, Symbian IUQ.3X
A free combined PDF creator and reader.

Create PDFs from over three hundred file formats. And of course you can used Nitro as a PDF reader too! Control the way you distribute your work and ensure the recipient enjoys the viewing experience you intended, by sharing documents in a reliable, universal format.
Get Foxit Reader fro Windows - Free Get ZIPEG for Windows & Mac - Free
Get Foxit Reader (Windows only) Get Nitro PDF Reader (Windows)
Seeing Stars? If you don't see the stars on each free ebook page you probably don't have Flash Player installed.

You'll need this to view animated graphics on many other websites too, so make sure you have the latest version installed.

Get Adobe Flash Player - Free
Get Flash Player (Windows & Mac)