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Book cover: Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind

by Margaret Mitchell
Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler: the unforgettable romance! Gone with the Wind is a historical romance set in Georgia during the American Civil War. The story features the struggles...
Book cover: Drops of Being

Drops of Being

by Catalin Manea
This is an invitation. To transcendence. To letting go. To opening up. Beyond one’s own points of views, beyond one’s perspectives, beyond one’s knowledge, beyond one&rsquo...
Book cover: Ellandra


by T.S. Alexander
A new diplomate joins Haillar’s Embassy in Caldeor, one of the oldest and most traditionalist driang words. A woman with a hidden agenda. A woman who didn’t exist fifty days ago....
Book cover: The Flair by Jonny Newell

The Flair

by Jonny Newell
The Flair could've been famous you know! But sometimes life isn't written that way. Join the 'The Flair' as they take to the road and the life of would-be rock stars cover ba...
Peter C. Byrnes celebrates publishing 60 free ebooks in a single series

Is This a World Record?

Popular crime writer, Peter C. Byrnes, has just released 'Loved to Death', the 60th free book in his continuous Murder Squad Detective series. Each eboo... Read more

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