Guidelines for Publishing Your eBooks

Obooko is a free book publishing platform for English-language authors, who may publish their work for free distribution without incurring any charges whatsoever. Please ensure you have read the guidelines and instructions below before submitting Your book for consideration. 

Submissions will be accepted only from Authors or Publishers. Please do not engage in digital piracy by uploading books you did not write or by authors you do not officially represent. 

authors writing togetherThe obooko platform is for authors who wish to gift their work and have it read and enjoyed by as many readers as possible: especially those who find it difficult to access books or cannot afford to buy them. Whether you are a published or non-published author, obooko is a great place to publicise your name and writing. We encourage you to make at least one of your titles available free of charge so that our members can evaluate your work. You'll pick up plenty of fans here!

For the benefit of our members, we are particularly interested in long-term distribution of permanently free (permafree) books, not those released for short-term promotion. We are particularly interested in hosting original books that do not also appear on other websites.

We would like you to share your work for as long as possible in order to increase readership and receive feedback. With this in mind, you must agree to make your book available to our members for a minimum period of 90 days. Please do not submit your work if you cannot guarantee this minimum term.

Please note that we do not accept every book we receive: if your submission does not follow our guidelines or your book does not meet our minimum grammatical standards, your work will not be published. We do not accept: erotica, sales or promotional material, part-works, samplers, magazines, chapter-limited or time-limited works, papers, articles, books containing advertising links or works that do not comply with our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to reject, without notification, any submission not complying with these guidelines.

You may submit your books and files via the Submission form

Word counts

Approximate word counts for Fiction books:
Novel: over 50,000 words
Novella: 20,000 to 50,000 words
Novelette: 7,500 to 20,000 words
Short story: fewer than 7,500 words.

Novels, Novellas and Novelettes will appear in our main categories. Books with fewer than 7500 words will be listed in our Single Short Stories category or, for young writers under 18, the Young Writers category. Collections of short stories are treated as fiction books and will appear in the main category, Short Story Collections.

File types

We offer our members three file-types, which can be read on most devices. If you have them, please provide us with:
KINDLE (mobi or azw)

Your files must be correctly formatted in single page-format with equal margins ready for digital publishing. No double line-spacing please. Should you not have all three required file formats you must provide a PDF file as a minimum. All files must be in portrait orientation with a cover image in position as first page. This is to ensure your books appear as they should in members' digital bookshelves. Also, for your listing page you must supply us with a separate cover image in jpg or png format to a minimum size of 800 x 600 pixels at 96 dpi. IMPORTANT: please name each of your files with the TITLE of your book: vague filenames like 'cover.jpg' or 'File123456789' or 'image.jpg' may be fine for your purposes but they will make no sense to our digital filing system and will be difficult to locate if they are misplaced.

Should you do not have final e-book files we can create PDF, ePub and Kindle files for you free of charge, but you MUST provide us with a correctly formatted Microsoft Word (or similar) document for us to convert. This is a manual task and can take up a lot of production time, so we will do this only ONCE for your initial set up. In exchange for this service we would like you to keep your book on Obooko for a minimum of 120 days. For future updates and revisions you must provide your own files.

Publication date

Books are not published automatically. Your submitted files will be checked and processed manually to ensure they are formatted correctly.  If you have not provided us with the details requested on the submission form or your files require re-formatting, please allow more time for us to process. Publication date will depend on the extent of the work involved and the workload in our production studio. As a guide only, should everything be in order, please allow 72 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays for your ebook to be published. After this period, please check your chosen category to ensure your book has been published, and let us know if you require any changes to your download page. Please bear with us if things take a little longer. Preference is always given to books that will appear exclusively on Obooko.

Multiple Categories

You may select a second category on the submission form. Please let us know if it is important to appear in a third. Only the thumbnail book cover will appear in the additional category, which will link back the main category page.

Pen Names

When you already have a book or books listed on obooko and wish to publish another using a pseudonym, you must register a new account in that name, using a different email address. The reason for this is to protect your anonymity by avoiding books being displayed in the 'also by the author' section of your existing titles, and vice versa.


To establish your intellectual rights as author of the work, please ensure your book contains a Copyright notice in the title page. This should contain your name and the year you wrote the book. For example: © Copyright Tim Johnson 2019


By submitting your book, you are giving us written permission to distribute your work on your behalf. This authorisation is termed a 'licence.' For legal reasons, we ask you to add the following licence imprint to your book's title page:

This is an authorised free edition from

Although you do not have to pay for this e-book, the author’s intellectual property rights remain fully protected by international Copyright law. You are licensed to use this digital copy strictly for your personal enjoyment only: it must not be redistributed commercially or offered for sale in any form. If you paid for this free edition, or to gain access to it, we suggest you demand an immediate refund and report the transaction to the author.

This is to protect your intellectual property rights and to ensure our members have written permission to possess a copy of your work under Copyright law. Our licence imprint also serves as a deterrent to digital pirates and plagiarists.


This is VERY important. Your synopsis must be UNIQUE, not the same as it is used verbatim on other sites. We appreciate this is a pain, but there is a reason for this: if we display the same text as other sites we will be viewed by Google as plagiarists and will be penalised for offering copied content to our visitors. To follow the synopsis, you may also provide an excerpt from your book, between 500 and 1000 words. If you have not provided an excerpt, we will include one from your first chapter.

Book Cover

In addition to providing a cover image for your listing page, please also insert the cover at the front of your ebook files and, if you provide one, your manuscript. This is what will be displayed in ebook apps. Otherwise, the reader will see only a title page.


Please ensure the left and right margins of your book are equal. Please do to send files intended for print. Your digital files will be read on small devices like mobile phones, which will account for around 60% of your readership.

Double Trouble

Unfortunately, too many authors are distributing PDF ebooks without considering the presentation of their pages. The most noticeable mistake being to double line-space (space between each line.) 

How many printed paperback novels have you read that are double line-spaced? This practice is based on a traditional submission format requested by publishers for assessing draft manuscripts; it is not suitable for final output. One opinion as to why this practice arose is that it is easier for proof-readers to scrutinise each line when it is separated more effectively from those above and below. Apparently, the space is also used for inserting notes and proof-readers’ correction marks.

The problem occurs when, unwittingly, self-publishing fiction writers decide to convert their draft manuscript to a digital book format without considering the end-user. While it is advisable to open up the lines by adding a couple of points to standard line-spacing, doubling the white space affects readability by disturbing the natural flow of words from the end of a line to the beginning of the next. It also increases the size of the PDF file. Ensure people enjoy reading your work: avoid double line spacing!Don't use double line spacing for ebooks


Whenever you wish to update your ebook please use the Updates and Revisions form within your Author account. There is no need to complete another Submission form.

Free stuff

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