Writing a Dissertation Can be Easy, Here's How to Do It

Posted by Victoria Davis

Smiling girl student on graduation day holding diploma.When you are assigned to write a dissertation or thesis, it means that you got the closest to the end of this huge and important chapter of your life called an educational journey. Now, this paper is the final challenge that sets you apart from the desired degree. It certainly feels exciting. But, it might be the most stressful period of your life as well. In this article, we will highlight the biggest challenges that you may encounter while working on your final project and tell you how to overcome them as quickly and easily as possible. Let’s dive in!


What Holds You Back From Writing Your Best Dissertation?

A dissertation is the biggest and the most important paper on your educational path. It is assigned to Ph.D. candidates as the final project they have to complete before earning a degree.

Needless to say, such a crucial task is rather hard to cope with. But what exactly makes it so challenging? All in all, there are three most common issues students face:

  • Negative attitude. No matter how good your skills are, your mindset is still a huge part of success. If you do your best, follow all the steps, but still struggle with your paper, it might be your negative attitude to blame. Thus, the first thing to do is to change it.
  • Lack of experience and skills. It can become another big reason for a failure. However, you can gain necessary knowledge on the relevant subject with the help of reference and information books often found online for free, especially on Obooko.
  • Procrastination. You may think that there is plenty of time to finish the task; all students do. But, eventually, they end up leaving it to the last minute, and this is the biggest mistake you can make.

These and many other issues can call into question your success. So, how do you overcome the challenges and create a top-notch dissertation? We’re about to tell you!


Dissertation Writing Made Easy

Though there are quite a few issues you may encounter on your path, writing a dissertation isn’t that hard. Now, we are going to tell you how to do it step by step.

1. Prepare a Killer Proposal

The first stage of the process requires creating a winning dissertation proposal. In a nutshell, it is a request you need to submit to the committee members for their approval. It should outline your future project and convince the committee that it covers interesting and complex questions and brings value.

Here is what to include in a proposal:

  • dissertation title;
  • key objectives of your research;
  • areas of study and literature you are going to use;
  • main research question;
  • methodology;
  • expected outcomes;
  • timeframe;
  • list of references.

Writing a proposal is the stage where students often get stuck. If the same happens to you, remember that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. There are plenty of writing services that can help you prepare a winning proposal. Crafting a decent proposal will make the rest of the process much simpler.

2. Research the Topic

The next step is conducting research. Many students find this stage rather challenging, so here are a few tips that will make you overcome it.

  • Have a well-defined question.
  • Set a fixed time frame for this stage.
  • Find the most reliable places to look for information. Ideally, you should start with going to a library and finding data on your topic. Yet, if you want to search for sources online, be sure to check their validity and use trusted tools like Google Scholar and other academic databases.
  • Make notes on everything important.
  • Evaluate and organize all the sources you find to define which ones should be your primary options.

Once you do this, you can move on to the next step.

3. Make an Outline

Having all your sources at hand, organize all your ideas and collected information into a detailed outline. No matter how tempting it may feel to skip this step and jump straight to the writing part, don’t. Writing an outline is the key action for making the entire process less stressful and time-consuming.

4. Write Your Flawless Dissertation

When you have a detailed outline, writing the dissertation becomes just a matter of following the plan. All you need to do is to tackle the sections of your paper carefully one by one. If you lack writing skills though, consider asking for the help of a professional. You can delegate the whole or part of your paper to expert writers and ensure success.

5. Edit and Get Feedback

Finally, the last step of the process is editing your work. Leave it for a few days to get distracted and rest a bit. Then get back to proofread it and eliminate any mistakes that might be there. Once your dissertation looks great, submit it to the committee to get their feedback.

Voila, that’s how you can cope with the hardest project in your academic career in just five steps!


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